Chania, Crete - Greek Islands
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The Beach at Vai
The Old City in Chania
Crete is the largest and most varied of the Greek Islands. It is 173 miles long east to west and as narrow as 5 to 30 miles north to south. In the west, it is covered with lush evergreens, while at the east, Crete is more arid and even hosts palm groves at Vai. There are beaches, resorts, hotels, apartments, archeological sites and ancient cities around the island. The interior is home to high mountain peaks and is popular with climbers and hikers. If you are looking for more than a beach holiday, Crete may be the best choice for you.
Crete - Greek Islands
Crete - Greek  Islands
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Useful Crete Links

Herkalion Archaeological Museum
- one of the most important museums in Europe
Knossos - Minoan palace just south
of Herkalion
San Remo Restaurant - in Herkalio
Erofili Restaurant - Rethymno old town
Remezzo Restaurant
- on the old harbor in Chania old town
Volkano Restaurant - northern coastline east of Herkalion
Elounda Village - resort with several dining options
Eurodiving - Ligaria Beach near Herkalion
Cretan Folk Art & Craft - full listing of all folk museums on Crete

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Where is Crete?
Crete Map - Greek Islands
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Crete Map - Greek Islands
Crete is 182 miles from Athens by air